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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

When in Natick...

As Halloween is upon us this week, I want to wish you all lots of fun times and great parties! I usually end up, believe it or not, never really doing anything spectacular. I always want to come up with some crazy costume and have a killer time at some fabulous party. What always ends up happening though is that I end up aiding other people in the preparations for their festivities and end up doing nothing at all. *Sigh* Oh well, there are worse things in life :P

Though Halloween is usually a bust, it doesn't mean that I don`t end up having a great time in the fall! Far from it, the fall tends to be a season where I have more things going on than I can handle at one time. This year though, I did take time to reconnect albeit briefly with some buddies of mine who live down in Natick, Massachusetts. They welcomed me down to their place for a few days, just a brief little visit. I had lots of fun with them as they are always super nice and very friendly whenever we get to spend time together...

The Shaggy Monster himself, Morgan Cruise :P
Did I mention these friends are none other than Morgan Cruise and Damien Rush?

Indeed, these muscle beasts are fine hosts and super nice guys in and out of the ring (well, except for those times they decide to get you in a nasty hold). As an added bonus, I got to meet and hang with their gang of roommates/co-workers from MDW: Tony Law/Pennington, Bryce Barrigan and Muscle Master Kevin.

Between rumbles, meals, drinks and giving Morgan a much-needed haircut, we did manage to gallivant around the lovely little town of Natick. At one point, we ended up going to a store which I do not have here in Montreal (unfortunately) called Party City! The boys threw on some random things and, little shutterbug that I am in these scenarios, I managed to snap some pics that I thought I'd share with you, my dear readers, for this Halloween!

Here, some little monster latched onto the head of the brutal Mr. Cruise! Given what it`s got under it, no wonder that monster is grinning ear-to-ear :P

Batman-wannabe Damien is looking for a good Bane to toss him around. Any takers for demolishing this hunk?

Of course, never wanting to seem like too much of a wimp in front of the cameras, Damien decided to throw on some viking garb to show that he can also be a mighty warrior! I mean, look at that bicep! Yummy! :)

Continuing his manly displays, Damien shows what to do when you're attacked by the living dead, corpses or other such creatures...The answer being the full nelson of course!

Morgan's freshly shaved head fits nicely into his very own pharaoh outfit. Don`t think that pharaohs used to be this buff or cocky but you won't hear me complaining!

Finally, I had to sneak in one pick of myself! Here I take a sneak-selfie with Mr. Rush in his room while I sport a very cool Cesar crown! Seriously! Loved that thing! Solid metal! Makes one feel quite regal!

On that final note, who needs Halloween when you got friends like these! Hope my pics inspire you guys to find cool and creative costumes for your outings if you haven`t already got one in mind! Which one of these pics inspires you most? :P

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