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Friday, 11 October 2013

The Top Ten: #1

Finally, after many months of anticipation and suspense, the time has come to finally reveal the NUMBER 1 guy from BG East that I'd definitely love to wrestle above all others if given the chance! Though defining the list overall was an arduous process, the number 1 guy in my mind was never really in question. As one astute reader managed to point out when he guessed the answer to my riddles about my number one, I did mention his identity in an interview some time back. And trust me, I swear this all somehow just timed out perfectly with his resurgence in the most recent catalog! I'm talking about my numéro 1, the one and only, BRAD ROCHELLE!

Now, why him? There are many things to consider in why he is the ultimate one for me. First off, he's cute as a button. That smile, I'm sure, can light up a room. Second, that body! I mean over the many, many years he's been at BG, he's kept a stellar physique. Sure it has varied from time to time, sometimes leaner, sometimes more muscled, but he has consistently been in great shape. The third and main reason I chose him however as my overall number 1 is simply his skill as a performer.

Brad is amazing as a jobber or a heel. He can do ring or mats and make it look effortless in any setting. Against good opponents, he makes the match sizzle. Even against the greener or less-experienced ones, he manages to shine as you clearly see him helping out his fellow wrestlers to be better within the match. To me, he is the wrestler that all of the guys at BG should aspire to be and should consider themselves lucky to encounter if and when they do! 

My sincerest hopes is that one day, one day I might be so lucky to just encounter him and pass on my appreciation for his work. Even if I never get to wrestle him, I'd want him to know that he is my idol from BG East. He is a great inspiration to me and I try hard to incorporate his style into my own when I can. When other wrestlers
ask me who they should study from BG to learn moves, ways of wrestling, I always mention him first.

That being said, if I do get to wrestle him one day, I think I'll just explode. I could die of a heart attack two minutes later and be fine with that (so long as I get a quick blog note to let you guys know it actually happened and post and obituary for myself or something to that effect).

So that wraps it up for the Top Ten! Finally the list is complete and it's all out in the open! Yay!

What's next for the blog then? Well, don't you worry dear readers, there is plenty more to come! To write up my Top Ten I sacrificed telling you all about my adventures this past summer and fall. I wanted to be sure not to clutter my blog with different threads from different topics. But now, rest assured, there is much to discuss! Stay tuned because I have a slew of topics to talk about and trust me, all of them are juicy ;)

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