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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

BG Effect

Now that the Top 10 has been revealed, it's time to talk about other things in the life of Monaco. Like I said before, there are many things that have happened in the past months that bear mentioning. Let me start however with a little parenthesis on my life dear readers...Looking back on my past posts about my beginnings at BG, I noticed that I never really addressed exactly how wrestling for them has changed my life. So how exactly has it changed my life? Let me tell you...

Something I immediately noticed when my first match came out is that being a BG East wrestler certainly has an effect on your popularity in the underground gay wrestling scene. People sometimes view you with an aura of wonder. I once welcomed a guy to my place to wrestle in private and it took him about 30 minutes to calm down and get down to the wrestling. It befuddled me a bit, but then I recalled how I reacted when I first met my first BG East colleagues.

Matches I'd have with friends and strangers usually now included a routine what-is-it-like question and answer period. People are always curious to know what it's like to be one of the guys. How do matches get filmed? What happens off camera? Who's my favorite wrestler? What matches are coming out soon? Do you think they'll put you against (insert wrestler name here)? Usually this period was followed by a "Man, I wish I could wrestle for them too"

A lot of guys I know tell me they wish they could wrestle for BG, but for personal, family or work-related reasons, they can't. That's why I started this blog. To be the voice for those who wish they were there in my place. In the end, I'm a sort of Cinderella story: the fan-turned-pro who gets to live out his fantasies on film.

There was a moment when I was down in Florida for my first shoot where I ended up going for a late dinner with a veteran from BG, Scott Williams. Scott very touchingly said at one point during the dinner "I'm so happy you're part of the family now!" which seemed a very odd thing to hear. "What family?" I replied a tad confused. "The BG East family, you're one of us now." One of us now. Awesome.


  1. Ben, you're right that a lot of us wish we could get closer to the BGEast experience, and yeah, there might be a touch of envy as we see what you've been able to do, but the bottom line is this: you have an amazing combination of hot-as-hellness and everyday guyness that totally turns us on, and your honesty and your freedom from jadedness is so welcomed in this world. Sincerely hope you are making hot vids for at least as long as the other superstars at BGE.
    Brad, Minnesota

    1. Awwww :) Thanks Brad! Happy I have a guy like you in my corner :)