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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Visitors of the Late Summer

As mentioned in earlier posts, it was a very busy summer for me this year. Not so much working at my day job but in the wrestling and visiting departments it was almost non-stop. During the month of August, I received two very special visitors at my place. One of them is a BG East veteran and the other is a BG rookie! I'm talking about Brendan Byers and my friend from the west coast Sean.

Big studly Sean!
Sean was the first one in town. He came around mid-August which actually timed out to be Montreal's Gay Pride (there are actually 2 Gay Prides in Montreal, one at the end of July and the other in the second week of August). Sean is a very special friend of mine that I made earlier this year in San Francisco. He's actually from Sacramento but he originally came to San Francisco to meet me while I was visiting there.

When I met him, Sean was a closeted wrestler in many ways. He hid his passion for wrestling from most in his surroundings and claimed to be straight/bi-at-the-very-least. One of my favorite statements he originally made about his sexual desires was that he liked "muscular women". Yeah. Right. Sean even had a girlfriend who was having a "girl's weekend" while Sean came into San Fran to hang out and wrestle with me for 3 days of my week in the city.

After many long conversations that filled in our gaps between touring and wrestling, Sean managed to have a personal epiphany. After lunch on our final day together, his girlfriend called him and he did his coming out live in front of me! This big 6'2", 215lbs muscle stud melted into a puddle of tears in my hotel room and we hugged and celebrated the beginning of his new life as a gay man. Since then, he and I have been texting virtually every day.

Super Muscled Brendan Byers!
All this to say, this big muscle man was my first visitor here in Montreal during the summer season. I showed him a good time (I hope) as he toured this great city. He met a bunch of my friends including Alain LeClair during the Sunday evening T-Dance. While he visited me, we even managed to make a quick trip down to BG East and filmed his first ever match! Seeing his pic here, my dear readers, what do you think? Looking forward to our battle? ;)

My second visitor was a long time coming as well. Brendan Byers is certainly not the little twinky looking jobber he appeared to be on BG East. No sir! This guy has bulked up big time! Gone are the days where he would take abuse and beatings in the ring! Now he's a 215lbs heel who loves to piledrive and tombstone his opponents repeatedly before he squeezes them in his thick thighs. He also give the most solid torture rack you'll ever be put in.

Brendan beating Sebastian

Though a big nasty heel, he's also a big cuddly sweetheart with a big sexy brain. He's smart, talented and a lot of fun to hit the dance-floor with. I reciprocated his Labor Day visit with my own tour of his home in Orlando in late September. One thing he taught me quite easily is that the boys down in Florida sure do know how to hold their liquor! Ugh! I think my liver got as much of a pounding as the rest of me did! We even got our little buddy Sebastian Rios to show up for a 3-way match in Orlando! To tell you how strong Brendan has become, he managed to stand up with both me and Sebastian scissoring him and shake us both off! Crazy strong! If you think you can take this guy down, get ready to have your ego knocked down a few pegs as this BG jobber whoops the mats with your sorry ass :P

Needless to say, these guys are great fun to wrestle and hang out with! If you're on the west coast, hit up my buddy Sean and if you're in Florida, try and get some mat or ring-time with Brendan and/or Sebastian Rios. All these guys are a lot of fun and are more than welcome to come back and see me again up north ;)
Sean gets a lucky victory flex :P

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  1. I found the story about Sean somehow similar to mine. I live in northern calif. Is there a way I can contact him for personal talk?