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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Halloween Hangovers!

So after my last post talking about Halloween and my other fall adventures, Halloween actually happened for me this year after all! Rather than spend it alone and doing nothing fun or interesting, I decided to step things up a bit...Now most of you don't know about this, but other than wrestling, I do have many other hobbies and interests (shocking, I know). One of those activities is being a back-up dancer/performer in a drag bar here in Montreal. And before you ask, no, I don't actually perform in drag...though there was that one show that time...but that's another story.

On Halloween I was actually helping out a drag friend of mine by doing this crazy little featured part in her number. Essentially, I was a dead body for most of the number and ended up getting revived by a dildo-slap to the face. I know. Crazy. This though is somewhat tame next to other performances I've been in. The whole thing went off as planned and the number was a big success.

The interesting part came after the show though. Rather than go home and sleep I decided that I would stay out for a while and see where the night would take me. I needed a costume however...luckily, I happened to bring my wrestling singlet and boots with me (you know, just in case) when I left the house earlier in the evening. Of course, I couldn't resist so I strapped it on and hopped from the drag bar to another club that was having a big Halloween party nearby.

Apparently, wearing a singlet gets a lot of people's fantasy motors running! A bunch of guys came up to me during the night...Some would rub the singlet, some would pull the straps, others would point their toy guns at my bulge and pretend to shoot (there were an alarming amount of cowboys in the club) and a few would just shyly tell me that they loved my costume. I was even entitled to a morning-after A++ for my costume on Grindr! All this to say that I finally got off my ass and did something about Halloween this year!

Since Halloween I've had a very busy little life though, many things happening at once so I do apologize for being sparse with my blogging this month! I did notice though that the blog is hitting new highs as my view total since it's launch has just passed the 15 000 mark and is well on it's way to 16 000. In fact, last month I got over 3000 views! I'm a bit touched that you're all reading up on me and am inspired to keep writing because of it :)

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