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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Top Ten: Honorable Mentions

As the Top Ten nears its final reveal of my number 1, I've decided to post an entry that I call my "Honorable Mentions". Now, what does that mean exactly? Trust me, when you're trying to decide your top 10 from BG East and realize that there are over 580 wrestlers to pick from (yes, go and count the profiles on the site, you'll see there are at least that many) you have a hard time narrowing it down to a top 10. I thought of doing a top 20 or 50...but yeah, that's just a tad too much. Nevertheless, I decided to give you, my dear readers, a look at those that nearly made the cut. Those guys that could easily jump right in and take the place of one of my men on the list any day now. They're just one hot match, one extra moment shy from doing so...In no particular order, here they are:

Vinny Trevino

Eddy Rey

Jaxx O'Doul

Damien Rush

Tyrell Tomsen

Troy & Brian Baker

Kurt Eriksen

Wade Cutler

Austin Cooper

Zack Coleman

Kid Brock

What do you think readers? Did I make any big omissions? Should any of these guys have made it into the Top Ten and if so, why? For me, like I said, they're all a breath away from knocking out someone in my existing list. These were tough guys to cut from the list, but necessary to keep it at a nice round 10.

Coming up next time, I FINALLY reveal the top of the top, my true number 1! Hopefully I've given you enough clues in the past entries for you to figure it out! And trust me, after all of this Top Ten business is over, I've got so much stuff to catch you guys up on! Stay Tuned, keep reading Monaco Off the Mats and leave me comments and e-mails! Love hearing from you guys! :)


  1. You always think if you are one of BG wrestlers you would make it to any list, so yeah think you miss out on one big name mine Darius. Maybe we should meet in the ring and then you will know that you made a big mistake in not including me stud. Thanks Darius

  2. You're right! I actually had you on this list and forgot to put you in on the final draft! You do deserve to be on here stud ;) But let's still meet so you can show me why you're ready to knock off some of my top ten :P

  3. Glad to see you acknowledge your error and yes will gladly meet you in the ring to show you why I should be in the top 10. And let make sure we put this match on video tape for all to see stud.

  4. Challenge accepted! When and where studmuffin? :P

  5. Not sure where you live, I live just outside of Boston.

  6. You think this is something that BGEast would like to set up for us.

  7. I'm sure they could, ask the Boss :)

  8. Will ask them today and get back to you man

  9. Replies
    1. Hehehe Me and Darius, right? Or are you saying me and YOU? :P