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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Top Ten: #3

We're down to the top 3 in this countdown of the hunks I'd love to wrestle most! So far We've seen Kieran Dunne, Z-Man, Cameron Matthews, Morgan Cruise, Alexi Adamov, J-Rock and Gil Barrios grace the countdown with their presence. Today we enter the top 3 with a hunk who spent the most part of his earlier matches at BG East getting the crap beat outta him, but who recently is starting to kick some asses of his own. He's gone from total beefy jobber to solid heel in a few short matches that show off his wrestling prowess. He's a meaty pack of sexy goodness, who's body always leaves me drooling. I'm talking about the stud of studs, the super sexy and sexual Braden Charron!

This gorgeous man certainly grabbed my attention with those pumped pecs and sculpted abs when I first saw him. He's just ripped to shreds! He's not sculpted like a lot of the smaller guys you see everywhere online. You know those guys with gorgeous six pack abs that only have six pack abs because they starve themselves? Look at the rest of their bodies and you see flat chests, skinny arms and legs, etc. But in Braden's case, that's certainly not the case! His bodybuilder physique is reminiscent of those Greek statues from antiquity.

The last time I was down at BG East's HQ, I had spent a long weekend there filming some matches and having fun with a bunch of the boys down there. Upon my return home, I found out that the day AFTER I left, Braden made an appearance down at the house! I was so pissed that I missed a chance to met him and possibly even wrestle him! So aggravating! I keep telling myself it's because it's meant for another time...

My all-time favorite match of his is the encounter he had in Fantasymen 30 against the one-time drop in Bart Barron. He takes a beating, dishes out punishment and comes out looking amazing every way, every angle, every scene! My favorite part is where Bart takes some shots at those abs of his after he submits only to have Braden flex them hard and contemptuously snarl "That's it? That's all you have? You are pathetic!" without even flinching once.

Needless to say, in my fantasies, Braden and I have fought it out on the mats and in the ring many, many, many, many, many, many, many times! Hopefully one day I'll get to live out that fantasy like the others I have so far in my BG East adventures!

Up next on the countdown we enter the final 2! The runner-up in my list of sexy men from BG East that I'd throw down with! Not just a mouthy stud, he could easily fill your mouth with...many things...should you ever dare to talk back! Stay tuned little readers!

** Spoiler Alert! Ok, this is a really, really hard one. Both I and my number one have 3 different vowels in our full name: A, E and O. Only the most astute BG East fans will be able to piece it together by this point! Keep on reading!**

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