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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Top Ten: #2

We're finally at number 2! The guy who almost, but didn't quite get the title of my most desired wrestling hunk from the BG East roster. This stud, however, has all it takes to make your mouth water and get you weak at the knees! His muscles are pumped, he's ripped to shreds and has one of the most inflated cocky egos in the ring and on the mats! And with reason too! He's certainly one of the most cocky wrestlers in the roster! When you hear the name, you'll agree I'm sure. Coming in at number 2 is the man who demands to be called Mr. Joshua Goodman!

Even when he's not trying to, his face exudes this arrogant, look-at-me-I'm-so-hot kind of vibe. In other guys, such self-confidence would seem excessive or misplaced. However in his case, Joshua can back up the attitude with a gorgeous, mouth-watering body and skills to match. As a heel, he constantly berates his opponents and primps and poses over his victims. I think we've all seen him "re-adjusting himself" many times in each and every one of his matches. As a jobber, he's constantly talking back to his tormentor, refusing to concede defeat with clever quips. His matches remain some of the most entertaining and captivating ones that BG East has ever produced simply because of the charisma that he exudes.

One of my favorite matches of his has to be his battle with the Rick the Prick on Ringwars 12. Both fighters are so cocky and so confident about their prowess in the ring that the match sizzles in every moment. Joshua getting smacked around, tossing the smaller Rick around. The opening strip/pose-down alone is a real feast for the eyes as Joshua shows every last ripple on his body off for the viewers to see.

To look at his list of matches on the BG East website as well, you'll see that he's faced off with the who's-who of homoerotic wrestling. The variety of styles and opponents, the number of settings, there's a little bit of everything for everyone in his list of matches. For a guy who made his first appearance in catalog 38, he's managed to keep us all hot and bothered for many, many years past and hopefully many more years to come!

Coming up next time on the countdown, I'll take a break from the formal list for one entry to give you a peak at what I call my "honorable mentions". All those delicious slabs of beef that didn't quite make it into my top 10, but who still deserve acknowledgement for being as sexy as they are. And I'm telling you, there is some sexy in that bunch.

**Spoiler Alert! Rather than give you new clues about my number 1, I figured I'd remind you about what you already know so far as well as update some of the other facts. First off, my #1 has faced off with 4 guys on my top ten (updated from the mentioned 2 since the list has grown); he's wrestled in singles, tag-team and 3 way matches; his most common colored speedos are yellow or white; he and I share 3 common vowels in our full names: A, E and O. Keep on guessing guys!

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