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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Top Ten: #4

The countdown continues! We've gone through a bevy of gorgeous men so far with still a few more sexy stars to come! Today I continue the countdown of my most wrestle-able men with a young stud who caught my eye right from the start. The body, the face, the hair, the cherub-like demeanor which lies in contrast to the swarthy hunk's attitude on the mats. He's not the biggest guy on the roster, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in smouldering, seductive swagger. Coming in at number 4 is the sexy Brazilian hunk Gil Barrios!

This guy's curly locks of hair caught my eye immediately. Now most of you don't know this, but I actually have very curly hair myself! Problem is, I can't do anything with it. I've tried, trust me, but it never looks as sexy as it does on this Latino hunk. Naturally, I'm jealous. When I first saw his pics though, I thought he would just be another baby-faced jobber in the ranks of BG East. Little did I know... 

I was surprised when I first caught sight of his match with Skip Vance on Wrestleshack 12 that this guy had some heely attitude to back up those rippling muscles on the mat. Somewhere between him asking little Skip which arm he preferred to be sleepered out with and ordering him to "Kiss it!" while he flexed, this guy got me hooked. Even the sound of his voice, the slight accent, everything about him oozes this sexuality that captivates the audience.

I would talk also about his gorgeous nude body but that speaks for itself.

All this to say, Gil definitely got my attention and has never disappointed in any of his matches I've seen, win or lose. If you haven't seen any of them yet, don't pass up the chance. Go see them now. Tell them Ben Monaco sent you! :P

Coming up next time on the Top Ten, we break into the top 3 studs on my list! The next guy is quite popular on BG and on other sites as well. He's gotten knocked around a fair bit but has also shown he can kick ass and take names! Stay tuned and find out who it is!

On another note, I'll take a little pause here in my talking of the Top Ten countdown to mention an important anniversary for me! Exactly 2 years ago I had my first match EVER! Not my first BG match, no, my first ever match with any guy! Period! So there you go! Happy anniversary to me! And thanks as well to you my dear readers for motivating me in all my matches whether on cam or off :)

**Spoiler Alert! This is a tricky one, my #1 guy I'd wrestle has had many matches at BG East but the two most common colors he wears in his matches are speedos that are either white or yellow in color! Keep your guesses coming :)**


  1. Great choice. He's underrated compared some of the flashier guys but he consistently delivers the goods and dominates in the Shack or on the grass!