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Friday, 29 April 2016


After a long absence, hello once again my dear readers! It's been a busy few months, but my most recent semester is finally done. I've spent the past 3-4 months studying and working a total of 7 days a week and have finally earned a little bit of downtime to write a new post and take a little vacation time to recharge my batteries.

Some of you have been writing to me to ask about upcoming matches on BG East. Truth be told, us wrestlers are usually unaware of the release schedules of the matches we film. Often times, matches of ours get released out of chronological order. Sometimes though, they're released in nearly perfect sequence. It's a toss up really. All this to say that yes, I have other matches coming out in the foreseeable future but have no idea about when they will be released exactly.

That being said, there is a match that was just released that I did have some part in making happen. Two new recruits that I found in my hometown have made their debut in Catalog 113. They are the tall-and-twinky-terror Fabrice and the ripped-to-shreds-stud Payton Meadows. I've had to keep my lips sealed about these guys for a while, but they finally have made their first appearance on the BG mats and website. I've known both guys for a little while and have had the pleasure of having some private rumbles with them in the past as well.

I actually texted both the minute I saw their match pop up on the site and they were thrilled. Payton was even nervous about his match asking me "Do you think they'll want me to do more matches?" to which I replied "You're the cover-boy you idiot! I think they like you and will be asking you to film again!"

So for the sake of encouraging them, if you happen to catch their match on Undagear 25 and feel like giving them a shout, post a comment here or send me an e-mail and I'll let them know what you think! I'm sure both will make a fine addition to the BG stable in the long-run :)


  1. I thought both guys were super hot. I'm hoping with time they become more comfortable and relaxed. Understandable for the first time, but any concerns were thrown out the window when their awesome bodies were on display. If they feel comfortable, maybe more erotic holds (just my preference, that's all). Alright, nice job guys, looking forward to your next matches. Be well.

    1. Yeah,they were a bit nervous but they'll hit their stride soon enough :-)

    2. Yeah,they were a bit nervous but they'll hit their stride soon enough :-)

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