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Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hello again my dear readers! How are you? I've been extraordinarily busy in the past few months which explains my lack of posting. Working 6 days a week and having only one free day to do the rest of what needs doing (laundry and such menial tasks) leaves me little time to actually sit down at the computer and type out a new blog post. On top of that, after many attempts at repairing my old computer, I finally gave in and bought a new one so I'm finally back up to normal processing capacity (typing entries on a slow laptop is nothing compared to typing on a desktop Cadillac like I now have).

All that aside, I have a new match coming out to the general public but that is currently only available on the Arena! I take on my twinky-terror recruit, the French boy Fabrice! I hinted in a recent post that perhaps I might be taking him on and sure enough I have. It was a hot match to film and hopefully you all enjoy it. Take a look at it on the Arena if you're members and let me know what you think! I'll post the direct link to the match page in my matches column when the match gets officially released.

Other than that, I'm trying to squeeze matches in where I can during this hectic period of time. I've been lucky to have a few visitors come by the city and give me a good bout or two. I'm also looking to potentially travel a bit at the end of the summer if I can have some time and money to do so. Things are lining up ok on that front so far but now's the time to make your pitch if you think that I should make a stop down in your city! Give me a good reason to come down, list the things to see and throw me a challenge for a match if you think you can take me on ;)

And on that brief note my dears, I have to run. It is my one day off after all and I have got to get shit done! And hell, maybe catch a pokemon or two while I'm running around...did I ever mention that I'm a big geek at heart? :P


  1. I love when you add the worship element to your matches. Would love to see you against Payton Meadows as well!