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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tech Trouble and Tanking Dollars

Hello my dear and long neglected readers! I'm sorry its been so long since my last post! I've been incredibly busy with school in the past little while and have had very little free time to write. Add to that not 1 but 2 computers in need of repairs I can't currently afford and you have a perfect storm of no-posting happening. That being said, all is well in my life right now. Lined up a lot of things in my personal life that are starting to go well. Have an internship lined up for my summer (which is in my filed of study) and am getting through this semester pretty nicely.

The one thing that has me a bit down since last fall is the falling value of the Canadian currency. This may not mean much to you my American readers, but with the value of the Canadian dollar being so low (roughly 1 dollar Canadian = 70 cents US) my future plans to travel down to the US to meet up with guys I know for matches are looking like they'll have to be postponed. This sucks for so many reasons. I mean I can't even go see my big muscled buddies Damien Rush and Morgan Cruise! *Sigh* I guess it'll have to wait til the dollar goes back up!

On the other hand, it's fantastic incentive for all of you Americans to come up to Montreal for a visit! Get a good slice of the European lifestyle of my home town at a fraction of the cost! And if you're lucky (and I'm not swamped with a ridiculous amount of work) you might just get the personal Ben Monaco tour guide experience :P

On that note, I'm hitting the gym and heading back to class! Will try and keep up with my posts and get some new pics up on here soon as well!


  1. Glad you are back with your posts. Got to ask, so how did it feel to wrestle Chace LaChance? He looks like one tough stud on the mats. Austin Cooper and Alain LeClair both look like solid opponents. So, who are your favorite wrestling opponents on the mats?

    1. Chace was fun, a very solidly muscled guy for sure :) All my opponents have been fun to rumble with, but my favorite still has to be the incomparable Damien Rush :) He's just such a sexy guy and super sweet off the mats :)