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Monday, 16 November 2015

Life Imitating Art...(Part 2)

So to continue on the last post, I had an interesting episode at the gym this morning...

I ran into an acquaintance of mine, this middle-aged bodybuilder who I met this summer through common friends and, yet again, my job. This guy has an impressive physique. Big arms, tight abs and shoulders as broad as the prairie sky (good lord, I'm being poetic). Every time I've run into him at the gym or elsewhere, he's greeted me with a big muscled hug and a cheeky grin. He's originally from the west coast of the US. He's chatty, flirty and always a delight to talk to. I sort of had a sense that he had a bit of a crush on me despite him being in a relationship with a nearly-as-muscled man. 

I saw him last week at roughly the same time. He asked me about work, school etc. and he promise to come and see me at the store this past weekend. Well, as life sometimes gets in the way, he never dropped in. But as my earlier post can attest, I had my hands full already. So in the end it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Regardless, when he saw me today he apologized profusely because he didn't want me to think of him as being flaky (a stereotype of west-coasters that he's been trying to avoid). In my own little flirty way, I told him it was OK but he better watch out because next time "I might beat him up" if he didn't show.

Now here's the fun part... He replies with a big smile "You promise?" He then launches into an unsolicited discourse about how much he loves wrestling, how he wrestled in high school, how he thinks it's amazingly hot and how he would wrestle me any day.

Seriously. I must have some good karma from a previous life or something. The first time I saw this guy, my mind went to wrestling as it does with just about any guy who catches my eye. But to have him flip the tables on shock. 

I quickly explained to him that I too shared his enthusiasm about the sport and briefly spoke about my work with BG East. We resolved to one day soon meet up and throw down on the mats. I bravely told him I would kick his ass. He flexed his biceps and pecs and replied "You sure about that?"

The lesson from these two stories for you, my dear readers, is to go out there and take chances. Had the little buff wrestler from my previous post kept quiet, we would have missed out on an amazing new friendship and a hot match. Had I not dared today to flirt in a semi-wrestling oriented way, I never would have discovered this bodybuilder's shared passion. 

So regardless of what it is in your life my dear readers, heed my advice: go out there and make your dreams happen :)