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Monday, 16 November 2015

Life Imitating Art...(Part 1)

Some days, you get lucky.

Hello dear readers! I've had a rather interesting past couple of days that warrant a good blog post. As most of you have already read, I'm in a very busy stretch of existence since I'm back in school, completing another bachelor's. On top of those mental gymnastics, I'm also working part-time in a clothing store and currently have a grand total of 0 days off in my week. This has been a source of considerable exhaustion, but the semester is wrapping up and I'm soon going to be able to breathe for at least a few days. That being said, my life still has some interesting episodes that truly astound me.

When I chose the title of this post, I figured this was an appropriate title given that the events I'm about to go into sound quasi-scripted, almost like something out of a movie or someone's harlequin wrestling scenarios...if they existed :P

I was at work the other day, things were going along quite smoothly. Clients in, clients out, the basic kind of Friday afternoon I have grown accustomed to. Out of nowhere, like a gale force wind, these two guys blow into the store. Both seem friendly, charming, enthusiastic about their shopping endeavors. They're up from New York for the weekend to celebrate one of their birthdays. The birthday boy is zipping around, trying on some stuff, the other is far more concerned with his phone. He seemed to be looking up something...

They both end up trying things on. The birthday boy is set on a coat and a sweater. The shorter, buff one finds a light jacket after some failed attempts with some other items. One was a sweater whose sleeves were too tight, so tight in fact he said they were like "arm singlets" which I found to be a curious choice of words...

Finally, he comes up to me, flashes his cell at me and asks "Is this you?" and I immediately recognize the layout of and see my profile pic staring right back at me. "Why yes it is" I reply, a bit dumbfounded. Right away, my mind is running through profiles I remember. Who is this little buff stud? Finally we whisper to each other and I confirm that I know this guy. He tells me his friend knows about his wrestling-side so we wouldn't need to sugar coat things in front of him.

At the cash, he gives me his number and email. I write him asap. He writes back. I write back. He writes back... My day eventually ends and I meet up with the two for a night out. We have fun, I flirt with the little wrestler. Eventually, we end up saying good night to the birthday boy and...well...needless to say it was a hell of a hot match. A very, very, very late night match. So a perfectly normal afternoon turned into a crazy hot night. I'll definitely meet up with this little stud again one day for a rematch.

But this post is "Part 1" it would happen, a second event occurred today that promises to be very interesting as well...but more on that in the next post ;)