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Friday, 21 August 2015


Hello again my dear readers! Sorry for the delay on this most recent post, it's been a busy month! Montreal's Gay Pride is a little later than most cities in North America. Ours falls the second weekend of August and I have been swamped with activities and shows (both going to them and being in them). It's been a very busy and crazy summer so far with my trips to Cuba and down to Boston, 3 different matches filmed for BG East, visitors popping up in the city and getting ready for an imminent return to university studies! Add to that a slew of boys running after me these days (none of whom are like that ass in my last post) and it makes for very little blogging time!

So rather than go into too much detail about all of these things and spend way too much time writing about it, I'm going to post some pics form Montreal Pride for you all to enjoy! You may even recognize some faces among my friends ;)

As the summer continues to wind down, I still have many more matches lined up with some guys from here and abroad. Trying some new training techniques at the gym and getting into great shape (I think anyway). 
Hopefully all of you are having a great summer and getting some time out in the sun before the winter sets in! I'll keep you posted on my goings-on of the late summer before the chaos of university begins anew!

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