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Thursday, 2 July 2015


Hello once again my dear readers! I'm writing to you at this late hour about a fun little topic you don't read about very often on my blog: dating!

Yes, as it is commonly known, I am a gay man and I am single (for now at least). As such, I often get asked out on dates and have guys running after me from time to time with varying degrees of interest. Even a handful of online wrestling buds have expressed interest in me which is stymied only by physical distance. As I've said before, if you want me to consider you a boyfriend, it helps to be in the same area code. 

Now believe it or not, us BG boys do have actual lives and interests outside of what you get to see on our videos. We laugh, we cry, we smile, we frown...we're human beings! As such, we have complex desires and emotions that come into play in our relationships to one another and other people. It helps if you can reach us on a human level too ;)

Tonight I went on a very last-minute, impromptu date with a guy I met on a dating app. From time to time, I do try dating a guy outside the wrestler-pool and it usually ends in disaster or it did tonight. The guy was attracted to my pic and yeah, he was pretty cute as well. We met in a bar not too far from my place. One drink. Two drinks. I left after about an hour of awkward conversation.

Now, why didn't things turn out too well? 

I'm a guy with a lot of interests and opinions. I can jump around in conversation and talk about a myriad of different subjects. One minute I'll be talking about politics, the next I'll be yammering on about science, the next I'll start chatting about the gym, the next I'll speak of interesting documentaries and movies I've seen and so on. To keep my interest, keep up. Have opinions. Have ideas. Share. Discuss. Defend. Argue. For Pete's sake, have something to say! Nodding and agreeing isn't enough. Interspersing my topics with "Right!" and "Uh-huh!" won't cut it. If I'm talking about stuff you don't like, share opinions about things that interest you instead! I've stared down some big guys on the mats before, conversation topics won't make a jobber outta me! Personality and opinions count for a lot in my books.

Let's say, however, you're a bit too taken aback by my conversational skills. I'm simply too much to handle for tonight and you want to bail. Even more simple, you're just not feeling it. Here's a tip: don't text your backup in big bold text to come and bail you out of the date IN FRONT OF ME. I swear, this ass-clown tonight decided to take out his phone and, in plain sight, text his friend "Please come and join me, I'm on a date and I don't like this guy." It's sad. It's classless. It's depressing that he can't even find a more polite or creative way to back out of an encounter that isn't going how he thought it would.  I don't care if you're on a date with me and you don't like me. Just say it to my face or don't text it in front of my face. Grow a pair and level with me.

All this to say, I'm still very much single as I have yet to find the guy who's a magical combination of both intellect and brawn. I like my guy to have buff muscles and a buff brain! On that note, have a good night guys :)

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