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Friday, 25 September 2015

College Boy

Hello once again my dear readers! How have you been? I'm doing good these days but I've been incredibly busy! Many things have changed in the past while for me as my life has shifted dramatically from what it has been earlier in the year! This has left me less time for blogging but I promise I'll still do what I can to keep you guys up to date on my goings-on ;)

First off, I found myself a part-time job working in a clothing store not too far from where I live. After many months of on-again-off-again employment and financial instability, I've managed to find a great job working with a great team. It feels incredibly good to be back in the working-world and feeling like I have money to start stabilizing my life again. The job is only part-time though because of big change number 2...

I'm back in University! Yes, after having finished a bachelor's about 8 years ago, I'm going back for another! The good news, for my American readers, is that here in Canada, tuition is crazy cheap compared to you guys. Whereas you would pay anywhere from 9500$ to 32000$ a year for your studies, here in Montreal I'm paying roughly 4000$ for the year. All in all, a bargain for me to go and get a new degree.

Speaking of being back in school, the reality is that I'm a tad bit older than pretty much all of the people around me. Granted there are a few people in their twenties hanging around in my courses, most are very young....not even 20 years old. But what's crazy to me is that there are so many hot guys  at my university! Holy shit! I don't remember the guys being this hot the first time around! I swear, it's like walking into and Abercrombie and Fitch catalog every single day! Lord knows I'd wrestle any of them if ever they wanted to throw down. Perhaps I will, you never know! Might find some new recruits for BG among the bunch...

The only downside to this whole life-shift right now is time. I currently have classes Monday to Thursday and I work Friday to Sunday...which means my next real day off is never. A small sacrifice, but a necessary one. The good news is that my days are not entirely full. I often have some longer breaks in my day which allow for a quick wrestling match if schedules work out. My week also allows for good gym time so that won't affect my developing physique too much.

On that note, I'll do my best to keep you guys informed and keep on blogging when I can. I actually have a few topics to write about in mind but I'll have to pace myself. In the meantime,
I have to go get ready for work...and drag around some textbooks to read on my breaks :P


  1. Good to see you are getting back to school. Hope you do get time to get to the gym to keep yourself in shape because you will have to be in dam good shape when we meet in the ring. I'm totally going to destroy you!

  2. come down to texas both of you!!

  3. Wow those biceps! Shame an icean stops us throwin down haha

  4. Wow those biceps! Shame an icean stops us throwin down haha

    1. Thanks man! Though I assume you meant "ocean" ;)