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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Morgan Cruise, hot as always!
At some point, when you're walking into the non-fetish area of a gay club in Boston handcuffed, wearing pro-wrestling gear and accompanied by Damien in a leather kilt on a quest to find a latex-clad Morgan in a just know it's already going to be a night to remember!

But let's rewind, shall we?

This past weekend (if you're following me on Twitter @BenMonacoBGE you caught some tidbits of it) I managed to slip away south of the border to visit two friends of mine who are dear to my heart: Morgan Cruise and Damien Rush. I don't travel very often for wrestling-related visits. It does happen from time to time and work and budget permitting, it'll happen more often in the future. Sometimes I cast a wide net and try and meet up with as many wrestling brethren as possible, other times I make isolated visits to a specific person or persons. This trip was the latter. 

The last time I went down to see these guys, they showed me a great time. This time they managed to out-do themselves in terms of making this trip a weekend to remember! After catching up on what had been going on in all of our lives, the guys took me out for my first ever tennis experience (yes, sometimes there are other sports that we like to participate in). Damien proved to be a great and patient teacher to this noob who had never walked onto a tennis court in his whole life. But the Saturday-Night-Main-Event was quite a fun one!

Damien Rush in various states :)
The guys took me down to a bar called Machine in Boston (not too far from Fenway). The only other clubbing/bar adventure I had had in Boston before was a trip to Paradise with a bevvy of BG wrestlers during one of my shoots there. On this night though, Machine was hosting a party called Sin-O-Matic which had a strict dress-code of fetish gear only. Not having thought of bringing such things with me, Damien and Morgan were happy to lend me some attire.

I was dressed (or rather undressed) in black speedos, boots and wristbands along with my trusty shades for an extra flair to my look. Morgan was sporting a skin-tight black latex top, matching gloves and a very chic pair of pants and shoes to contrast his upper half. Damien was a sight for sore eyes in his leather kilt, black boots and...not much else other than his glasses and a pair of handcuffs he was toting around for potential extra mischief.

Now back to that first sentence! Damien and I dropped off our street-clothes at coat-check and somehow managed to misplace our Morgan who had wandered off to the restrooms. Our only problem was that we had no idea which one he had gone to. After asking a few people, we were under the impression he had ventured to the upstairs bathroom in the "normal" part of the bar thus leading to the situation above...and this
was before we even had our first drinks.

The night was a blast! Drinks and dancing with my two more-than-awesome hosts. Handcuffed and released multiple times by Damien throughout the night...liplocks with him on the dance-floor too that made many a lady jealous :P After some random street pics with passersby at the end of the night, we headed home and Morgan and I threw down til the early hours of the morning.

Nature guide, Mr. Rush!
The next day was far more restful with Mr. Rush taking me on a little nature hike in the Audubon trails. We chilled in the company of our friends the bunnies, the chipmunks and the turtles! More food and drinks later, we went out for supper and more wrestling til the sun came up! 

The final day, Damien had some school work to attend to (yes, brains AND brawn!) so I was left in the company of Mr. Cruise for the rest of the day. We chatted and wrestled on and off for the major part of the day. We cuddled up for a nap before I sadly made my way back to Boston proper for my bus ride home to Montreal.

All in all, an exciting yet restful weekend that was long overdue! These guys truly are great friends
and I'm looking forward to have them come up here for some Canadian hospitality :)

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