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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Balls Out :P

Summertime is finally upon us! Yeah I know it's not quite summer yet, but after the long-ass winter we had up here, anything above freezing I'm throwing into the summer category! With summer in the city, Montreal really lights up and becomes a kick-ass place to visit and have a good time. No surprise that I tend to get a fair deal of visitors from abroad who come up for a rumble and  to enjoy some of my city's great sights and things to do.

One of the sure-fire ways to know it's summer here is the arrival of the balls! No, not those balls, but rather the pink balls that hang over Montreal's Gay Village in the summer. You see, the main street (Saint-Catherine) shuts down and becomes pedestrian-only from mid May to early September. Since my birthday is on May 10th, I tend to think of it as a belated birthday present from the city ;) Once the street closes, all the restaurants on the main street build terrasses (or patios to the rest of the world) on which you can dine, have a drink or just enjoy the sun. People come out in great numbers every single day and enjoy the art, street music and general good cheer that abounds in the neighborhood.

Rumor has it that the newly-elected mayor thinks that the whole thing is such a success that he plans on expanding the street closure to stretch clear across the downtown area of Montreal. Furthermore, he may even intend to make it a permanent closure year-round giving Montreal one of the largest (if not the largest) pedestrian-only zones in the world! But we'll see if that passes city council in the future...

For the time being, the hot young men of Montreal are going around with less and less clothes on which no one will ever complain about ;)

On another note, I've officially passed the 20 match mark on my countdown....or rather count-up of matches for the year! So far, I've had a great deal of very hot matches and many memorable visitors who have spiced up my day-to-day life! For you curious folks, here's a few of the highlights in terms of matches I've had:

  1. Rumble with a Greek guy in a house he was taking care of for a couple away on vacation. Really fun as it was a big house in a rich part of town!
  2. Tag team match with Kid Vicious against two local jobbers who we took down with great ease!
  3. 2-on-1 match with same jobbers who trapped me and beat me
  4. Multiple rumbles with a hot Brazilian dancer living in NYC
  5. Match with a guy who drove up from New York state and whooped me despite a big size difference
Hope that tantalizes your imaginations! If you want more details, you guys know how to reach me ;) On that note, hope your summers are off to a good start! I'm gonna go admire my :P

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