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Saturday, 22 February 2014


What's up my dear Monacans? It's been a bit of a busy month for me since my last entry. Many little things going on, work, gym...I've been a little busy beaver as I'm sure most people have been trapped in this "polar vortex" thing that the weather channels like to remind us we've been in. But don't even get me started on that...With Valentine's Day come and gone, I've been asked recently about why I'm still single.

Now don't get me wrong, I spent a lovely Valentine's day with a handsome young wrestler who, unfortunately, doesn't quite live next door. It was a lovely and magical time I won't soon forget. But when it comes to relationships in the long term, there is that specific difficulty that I (and I imagine a lot of you) deal with: I need to date a wrestler

It's something I've come to realize that I need in my life. I need someone for who the thought of throwing down after a long day at work is just as appealing as cuddles and sex. You know, the simple strip down and throw on a singlet or Speedo and have a quick match before supper and/or bed. It's actually a tricky thing when you think about it. For most guys who don't wrestle, sex is sex and wrestling is wrestling. Period. But for a lot of us who indulge in the more erotic nature of the sport, wrestling is sex. The interaction between two guys sweating it out on the mats is enough to make us burst in ecstasy. This makes it difficult for a guy like me to settle for a man who is just into "normal" gay sex. That also seems like an odd concept to me. 

It seems that the gays have also hetero-normalized our sexual interactions to fit in with the straight-worldview. In heterosexual sex, there is a penetrator and a penetratee. Likewise, this has helped define what is to be considered normal in the gay community. For sex, you need a top and a bottom. That's that. At least, that's what the world would like to think. The concept of trying to normalize sex in this was is as simplistic and wrong as saying that you're only heterosexual is you have sex with a woman in the missionary position 100% of the time. Any other position, any other way, you're lobbed into some category of weird perversions that scare or confuse the average Joe. It's not to say that I don't enjoy "gay-normal" sex from time to time, but it's not my favorite style of sexual interaction. Give me a mat, a hot wrestling counterpart, some gear, some sweat and a little release at the end of it all and I'm a happy camper.

All this to say that I will remain single until I find my handsome, sexy wrestler boyfriend who gets my heart pumping as hard and as fast as my muscles on the mat ;)

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