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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wait...What time is it?

Hey dear Monacans! Glad to see you're all still reading along about my musings and my adventures in the world of wrestling :) I notice the other day it's been a bit over a year since I've started this blog! Wow how time has flown right by! Speaking of time, this whole "spring forward" thing is throwing me off a bit...sleep schedule has been a bit off and it seems odd to even think of the word "spring" in any context given it's still snowing here in Montreal and still quite cold.

Still, the year marches forward and it seems that the spring will be ripe with lots of matches! I've got a peppering of visitors coming my way in the next few months. I've been getting some private comments lately too about how my match total for 2014 is on the rise! Though most are statements of awe and a bit of jealousy, I know they are all well intentioned. Hopefully seeing the number rise is going to motivate YOU my dear readers to get out and wrestle some more! Remember, it's good for your body as well as...other things :P

Speaking of which, I know that my last entry may have some of you thinking "Is the match total for 2014 also the number of times Ben has had...intimate relations...with people this year?"

Well the answer is no. Remember, I do also enjoy wrestling for sport! Some of my matches are with friends who simply like to get down and hit the mats for a good workout rather than as a pretense to something else. That being said, those friends are aware that I may be a little bit more happy on the mats than some of their less homoerotic-wrestling-minded friends.

On that note my dear readers, I leave you for tonight. I would have posted some new pics right now, but it's late and I look like a zombie in all of my attempts right now at taking anything *sigh*. I promise I'll put up some new pics in the next post ;)

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