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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Starting off the New Year!

Hello my dear readers and happy 2014! I hope you all had a very festive end of the year and beginning of the next! I've had my fair share of parties, outings, dinners, dance clubs (and getting my ass grabbed in said dance clubs) in the past few weeks let me tell you!

Thinking of how I should start off my blogging endeavors for the year, I thought I would do what most people end up doing...resolutions! Now I know it sounds tacky and sort of over-done by this point. I mean, most people make these unrealistic goals like "win the lottery" or "get rich with fantastic new idea" kind of resolution. So I suppose in my case, I'm not going to do anything too crazy or too over the top.

First off, the obvious one, more wrestling! I know this seems like an easy one, but yes, it's something I always aspire to do more of when each new year starts. In fact, to keep track of my progress on this matter, I'm going to try and attempt to do what I should have done a while back: I'm going to keep track of how many matches I have in a year! I'm often asked the question and have to think long and hard to estimate the quantity, but not this year! This year, I'll actually do it and keep track of it on the blog for all of you to see!

Secondly, keep working on my physique! I want to add muscle, lose fat, and just basically look good overall :) I know, I know again some of you will say "You're just fine the way you are!" but I think we should all strive for self-improvement in the long-run even if we think we've reached our goal. After all, having a goal keeps us going and gives us drive in our lives.

Finally, I want to travel more. A lot more! I've always been a traveler my whole life. I've been to lots of countries and crazy cities. I want this year to be filled with as many travels as I can afford to do! I also want to spend more time in places that are accessible and close to home! I need to go to NYC more often as well as Boston! Even, I'll begrudgingly admit, Toronto could be a nice weekend getaway once in a while (note to my non-Canadian readers: Montreal and Toronto are big rival cities)

So there you have it! Keep an eye on the counter on the page that will display my number of matches and help me raise the total if you can ;) Happy 2014 everyone!

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