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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just in Time for Winter!

As if on cue for the winter time weather, I have a new match out under another monicker: Glacier Blue! Yes, in case you weren't able to guess it from the pics, it is indeed I, Ben Monaco, under that aqua colored mask :P

Now some of you may not know this about BG East but we don't always have our matches released in the order that we filmed them. There are sometimes long delays between filming and you guys getting to see it. This explains miraculous phenomena such as Lon Dumont growing a full, shaggy head of hair from one catalog to the next or other wrestlers intense weight and muscle mass fluctuations. This match was one of my first, filmed back in early 2012.

Filming with masks is a tricky little bit of business. First off, they don't breathe. At all. Lycra, as some of you are aware, isn't known for it's breathable qualities. Result? It gets very hot and sweaty under there! In fact, in some of the shots taken during the shoot, you can notice my sweat turning the mask from light aqua to a darker turquoise hue. Secondly, it's a bit hard to make noise or even speak in those things. Any exaggerated mouth movements tend to stretch the mask and warp it around causing it to get all crooked on your face. It's especially fun trying to deal with eye sockets getting misaligned!

Those difficulties aside, masks are a lot of fun! I know both I and "Gold Shaft" seemed to take on different attitudes with our shields of anonymity adorning our faces. Masks, in a rough sense, take away your face. They force you to communicate with your body. In wrestling, where so much is already said with your body and the way it moves and reacts to an opponent, the mask is like giving your body a megaphone to speak through! It draws your focus to the wrestler's chest, abs, arms, legs...It can get a very good way ;)

On a funny note, while trying to figure out what gear to wear for that match, we had gone through a slew of different colored speedos and found nothing that looked good with any mask on hand. When I spotted the aqua colored one I thought "I brought a pair of underwear that's about the same color!" and that ended up being my gear! I do still think of that match every time I wear that pair of undies!

With that, I hope you guys enjoy the match and who knows! Maybe Glacier Blue will make a return match in the future ;)

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