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Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Top Ten: #5

Today on the Top Ten countdown we arrive at number 5! As I mentioned before, this wrestler had one hell of an explosive debut on the BG East roster. His first released match against the sexy little Mike Columbo had my jaw dropping over and over (mostly dropping because it was primed for licking that body of his). This guy is some sort of mythic Tarzan-like beast who emerged from god-knows-where. Regardless, this guy gets me going in his style of wrestling...I'm talking about the massive, powerful and dominating J-Rock!

When I first caught a glimpse of J-Rock on the site, he looked like some mix of a wild-man and an extra from the Jersey Shore cast. The set-up for his debut was perfect. He went in to face off with Mike Columbo in Gut Bash 3 and was presented as a "rookie" that Mike was supposed to initiate. Of course, the rookie struts in and tears apart the established ring veteran in a very decisive manner.

Now those of you who know me well enough know one very important thing about me in terms of what I like in a man: I love arms! A big flexed gun in my face puts me into a trance of pure ecstasy. J-Rock, in all of his matches, satisfies my desire to see a big hunk dominating his opponent while flexing throughout the match. He alternates between destroying his opponent mercilessly and flexing his huge biceps over and over.

Doesn't matter who he's up against: one guy, two guys, bigger guys, smaller guys...J-Rock clobbers them all in the end and gives his viewers one hell of a show while he picks the boys apart. Hopefully, one day, he might take his turn at pounding my abs and tearing me apart in the BG East ring. *Sigh* one can only hope ;)

Up next at number 4 is a swarthy little stud with a rippled body that you can't help but keep your eyes on. And that accent...*melt* Stay tuned my little readers, stay tuned!

 **Spoiler Alert! As promised, another hint about my  #1: he's wrestled in singles matches, tag-team matches AND even 3-way matches. Got your curiosity peaked? Stay tuned for more hints!**


  1. J-Rock's match with Kid Brock on Gutbash 4 is an all time favorite. And, btw, I've figured out your number one, but I shall remain silent.

  2. Nice :) If you think you know it, you can always send me your guess at

  3. Wait, I think you just volunteered to be the star of Gutbash 11. :) I'd pay to see that. Somebody alert Kid Leopard.

    1. PLEASE ASK HIM TO SET THAT ONE UP! Fan pressure could make it happen one day ;) I'm more than willing to do that one :P

  4. J-Rocks leopard-skin trunks turn me on for a couple of reasons: first, the take me back to some very early infatuation with Tarzan, and second, I can imagine the feel of them, or, more specifically, what it would feel like to rub my fingers into them, hoping that some animal muscle or boner, er, bone, might be looming under that skin.