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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Top Ten: #6

Onward with #6 in my countdown of most wrestle-worthy hunks of BG East! So far, we've had notable studs Kieran Dunne, Z-Man, Cameron Matthews and Morgan Cruise make their appearances on my list. Today's stud is a big, muscled slab of beef who might seem like a generic pretty boy at first glance, but when you inspect his matches closely, you see attitude, cockiness, swagger and sexuality that emanate from his being...Coming in at number 6 is the hunky Alexi Adamov!

Sexy Alexi has it all: model good looks, cute smile, body to die for, ring and mats skills...what more could you ask for from your BG East studs? He's a stunning young man that is equally talented in terms of his ability to either job or heel. When suffering in holds, his moans sound sexy, his submissions sound sublime! When he dominates, he's a cool and cocky heel who's as smooth as his sweaty chest after a few minutes on the mat.

The match that really caught my attention when I first examined this stud in greater detail was his match on Backyard Brawls 4 against the skillful Jonny Firestorm. I'm always a fan of contrasts when it comes to wrestling matches. Big vs small, old vs young, buff vs slim...Naturally this match went and got my attention in that respect. The 70lb difference between these two resulted in some incredible holds and stunning visuals. Another product that caught my eye was the video Who's Next? as a whole. Going from match to match, man to man with Alexi as the centerpiece of the video was a brilliant concept and perfectly executed...a definite must-see for Alexi fans!

All in all, Alexi could be pound me to submission or suffering under my control. One way or the other, he definitely would make for an amazing match and I'm sure that any wrestler who has faced him in the past would say the same.

Up next at numéro 5 is a wild, gimmicky looking wrestler, yes...however his debut left such an impact on me in terms of set up, I'd gladly take him on and let him have his way with me :P

**Spoiler Alert! For those of you eager to know who #1 is going to be, I'll give you a hint...let's see if you can figure it out! My #1 wrestler has faced off with 2 of the hunks mentioned so far in the Top Ten! I'll give you another hint on the next Top Ten post! Stay tuned!**


  1. Great choice for #6. One of the things I noticed about Alexi the first time I watched a clip of him was that his face really looks different from various angles. Even your photos show it: your top photo has him looking vaguely Hispanic, whereas the final, mirror photo has him looking more like a stud who lives down the road in Oklahoma. Anyway, the muscles and the bulges and the readiness to go heel-or-face make me hard from every erection, er, direction. Bring on #5, stud!

  2. Thanks Brad! Happy to see you're still following my top 10 :P More to come ;)