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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Top Ten: #7

Continuing the countdown of super-studly hunks I'd take on any day of the week, we're now on my number 7 guy! What's special about this one is that I've actually already fought him before. He's exceptional in that way: he was so much fun to wrestle that he makes my top 10 of guys I'd wrestle given the chance. In his case, he's a guy I'd wrestle again. You all know his name and he needs no introduction. In fact, if you don't know his name, I'm fairly certain he'll beat it into you. I'm talking about the Mastodon himself, Morgan Cruise!

I remember a few years back, I was looking around on YouTube and fell upon a few random flexing videos. Among them was a clean looking, long-and-straight-haired Morgan Cruise flexing his mighty biceps and chest set to the song "Rasputin" by Boney M. Though the song choice was not fantastic, this little stud caught my eye right away. Something about that little snicker in his smile...Of course, upon further investigation I noticed he had an interest in wrestling. I thought, "maybe one day he'll do BG East!" As if the universe heard my inner-most desire in that moment, it happened. I spotted him on the site in his debut against Lon Dumont not long after that.

When I finally made my own venture into the BG East world, he and I ended up sharing a room in Florida for 4 days. In the ring, he's a beast; out of the ring, a total sweetheart. His bright eyes and glowing smile can make anybody melt. He's tons of fun to hang out with and has had a pretty incredible life for such a young guy. I'll always have fond memories of throwing down with him on the mats after a bottle of wine at 1:30am while Sebastian Rios snaps some pics of us on his cell.

I could mention so many of his matches in terms of memorability...One that actually impressed me a great deal was his bout with Eli Black. The whole match is almost one continuous take which speaks volumes in regards to their collective talent. And trust me, that mouth of his just keeps on running throughout his matches, even in private!

Next up at number 6 is an incredibly sexy hunk who's rippled physique you can't take your eyes off of. Boy-next-door charm oozes from him and will have you drooling for more ;)


  1. Hey, Ben, your choices for Top Ten are inspired so far. Keep it going.

    I've been turned on big-time by your BGEast matches, especially your match against Austin Cooper (god, what a combinatio you guys are, and to see your pecs against his pecs, your cocks bulging against each other, but I digress), but I am also seriously turned on by your various commentaries about how you went from a fan of homoerotic wrestling to becoming a real star on BGEast. I'm sure this is no surprise to you, but a lot of us "out there" have fantasies not only about your exploits in the ring/on the mats, but about your own personal wrestling interests, behind the scenes. I'll be honest, I can get twice as hard knowing that the stud who is wrestling match is personally aware of what this hot action is doing to guys like us. Anyway, a long way of saying that I hope you never get too busy or important to jot down your favorite wrestling opponents or fantasies. Your bulging speedos make my flagpole stiffen: "O Canada!"

    Brad in Minnesota

  2. Hey Brad! Happy to hear you're a fan! More than happy to share my thoughts and experiences with you and the rest of the readers! Always happy to get nice messages like yours too! And trust me, I'll always find time to tell you and the other Ben Monaco fans out there about the juicy details going on behind-the-scenes ;)Hope you summer in Minnesota is going well and that things are as HOT as they are here in Montreal! :P

  3. Ben, I caught up with two buds last night (one also from the Twin Cities here, the other from Kansas City)that are both big-time into BGEast and other hot wrestling scenes. I brought up your name and your blog, neither had realized you had a blog going, they jumped right on it, loved your Top Ten countdown, and one of them said you've got to get the word out about your blog, it's offering an angle that other erotic wrestling sites aren't really exploring. (BTW, I found you through Drake Marcos' site.) I couldn't agree more, hope you get linked on a few more. In the meantime, I'm spreadin' the Monaco news.


    1. Awesome to know I have my own personal publicist spreading the word about my blog :P Keep sharing it with your friends and I'll keep the good stuff coming ;) Thanks Brad!