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Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Top Ten: #10

A topic that often comes up with guys I wrestle in private is the BG East roster. Which guys I've met, which guys I've wrestled (that aren't already up on the site) and which ones I'd like to wrestle one day if I get the chance. Usually the guys I wrestle have their favorites and their fantasies. "I'd love to wrestle (insert name here) because he's the best! He's my fantasy!" is the type of thing I hear a lot from my wrestling-buddies.

So that got me thinking the other day, which are my favorite in the BG boys? Which ones would I be all over if I got the chance and, more importantly, why? So after many, many hours of contemplating the full roster, I've come up with my all-time top 10 guys I'd hit the mats with any day. You'd think this was an easy task! In fact, the list took several drafts and many deliberate hours. It's really hard to narrow it down to a short list of 10. I intend to have a few additional "Special Mentions" after the top 10 are revealed.

So let's begin with number 10 on my list, the ever studly Kieran Dunne!

Mr. Dunne had some fierce competition when it came to securing his spot in my top 10. Ultimately, I couldn't resist his boyish charm and ever-improving physique. Talk about hitting the gym! Since his original debut matches, he's packed on about 30lbs of muscle to his compact physique! Quite an inspiration!

His beginnings as a jobber-boy got lots of heads turning. He took on big boys like Joe Mazetti and Mike Columbo with no fear of getting a royal ass-whooping. I mean, he was such an adept jobber, he lost his match against super-jobber himself, Troy Baker. Then out of the blue, he shows back up with a thick, pumped body and starts to take the other pretty-boys down.

One iconic match of his that really got my attention was against Christian Taylor on Matmen 19. Holy shit! The tall and slender Taylor getting bullied around by a gold-clad, tanned and buff Dunne was too much for my hormones to handle! The contrast between the two wrestlers was fabulous, their mat skills were was just a feast for the eyes from beginning to end.

Now if I ever had a match with Kieran, I'm not sure which way I'd prefer it to end. He's hot as a heel now, but I do so love his jobbing. I think I'd want to smack him around a great deal and eventually force him to pose for my pleasure (forced-to-flex match anyone?) after I beat him. Then again, perhaps he wouldn't leave me the choice in terms of how the match goes down...

Either way, Kieran Dunne has solidly ranked himself in the top 10. You can check out his matches on BG East on this page.

Stay tuned as the list continues in the coming days and weeks. Next up will be another sexy, muscled jobber I know I'm destined to clash with on the mats in the coming months! It's in the stars...:)

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