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Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Top Ten: #8

The countdown of my most grapple-able (it that even a word?) hunks from the BG East ranks continues! To recap thus far, at number 10 was the stud-puppy Kieran Dunne and number 9 was the mouthy but gorgeous Z-Man. Today at number 8 is one handsome guy that, in my books, looks as good getting a beat down as he does when he's owning his foes (which isn't all that often mind you). Coming in at number 8 is fan-favorite Cameron Matthews!

Cameron has evolved a lot as a wrestler since his humble beginnings with BG East. Hell, even physically he's buffed up in crazy ways! My jaw dropped a while back when I suddenly saw Cammy with big, mouth-watering muscles appear on my computer screen. He's gone from slinky-twinky to buff-stuff and I can say officially Ben Monaco approves! 

I had the privilege of crossing paths with Cameron while we were at BG East headquarters last September. Sadly, I didn't get to have a match with him during his short visit BUT I was able to participate in a special match concept that may or may not ever be released on BG East featuring Mr. Matthews. Without giving too much away, let's just say that I had a sweaty Cameron flailing about on my half-naked body. You'll have to keep your eyes open for that one if/when it's released BG fans :P

I could list the many, many memorable matches Cameron has had over the years. There are far too many to keep track of. He's a skilled ring and mat veteran who impresses me each and every time I see him work or get worked over. Speaking from personal experience, he's also a gentleman! He gave me a lift back up to Boston from the BG homestead to catch my bus home to Montreal. There was even a funny moment where him, Gabriel Ross and I were singing along to Total Eclipse of the Heart. Very Random!
You can check Cameron's BG matches out here and his personal website full of lots of great stuff here.

Next up at number 7 is a hairy little hunk who can beat me down any day of the week if he so chooses! Stay tuned!

Also, keep in touch with me! Let me know what you think so far of the Top 10 in the comments section of each entry! Who's in YOUR top 10???


  1. My top 10, in no particular order,
    Skip Vance
    Reese Wells
    Aryx Quinn
    Cameron Matthews
    Connor Cross
    Rio Garza (before his recent tattoo)

    and from the non-active roster
    Mike Vee (in his early years)
    Troy Baker
    Zack Coleman

    Sorry, Ben, but you asked. :)

  2. LOL! Don't be sorry! I'm not on MY top ten! :P I think I'd be more shy than anything else to be on someone's top 10! There are plenty of hot guys to consider on that roster trust me :P

  3. Whatever that concept-match was that had Cameron flailing around on top of your half-naked body, I'm incredibly anxious to see it released. Please, please tell me you squeezed his ass. I love your top 10 countdown so far, and I'm hoping Denny Cartier shows up somewhere, preferably also on top of your half-naked body.

  4. Hey Bard! Happy you're enjoying it so far! Trust me, it's harder than you think when you consider ALL the guys from BG history! Really tough calls to make. I'm going to have to have an "Honorable Mentions" post at some point too :P

  5. That's some tease about the concept match. My curiousity is going crazy now. Hopefully it will be released even if just in the Arena.

    1. Wait and see Alex! Perhaps one day soon :P You can always ask the Boss nicely to release it ;)