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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Potential Smack Downs #1

In a recent post, I asked you, dear readers, to suggest which of the BG East boys I should take on next! Thus far have had a few guys suggested to me, so I figured I'd take the time to answer the challenges set forth by the readers in this post! Keep the suggestions coming and I'll address each of them in the future with my personal thoughts on what might happen in those matches!

First on the list is Skip Vance. I met him when I went down to Pembroke last fall among the cluster of fighters present at the BG East HQ. He's a nice guy with a cute little southern accent and pretty little blue eyes. That being said, I would destroy him. I mean, come on! If I can hold my own with the like of Austin Cooper in a match, what could possibly make anyone think that the outcome of me versus Skip Vance would be anything other than me whooping that pretty little butt of his? Perhaps the only way he could manage to get me to submit would be if he ropes in his hunky boyfriend Christian Taylor and they take me down as a team like they did against Cody Nelson on Rock Hard. Perhaps in that scenario, they could manage something, but if not, 1-on-1, this little guy is toast!

Next on the list of suggestions was the studly Reese Wells. I'll admit, this boy if fine :) Pretty face but mean looking, nice, tight muscled frame. I'll admit, he'd likely be more of a challenge than Skip but I think I'd eventually wear him down through the fact that I'm bigger than he is! I mean, if little guys like Billy Lodi can put him down, I doubt he has much chance against me in a match. Nevertheless, he does have skills and if he does move quick and hard against me, he might...just might be able to sneak in a victory. If not, I'm pretty sure I can take him without too much effort and roll him up for a 1-2-3. But even if it ends up going the other way, I wouldn't mind being pinned under this little stud! Hubba hubba!

Last on the list today is Lon Dumont. *Sigh* I met this guy back in Pembroke at the same time as Skip and a whole bunch of them. He's much smaller in real life than you'd think! Now him, I know would be trouble. He'd be mouthy and arrogant the whole match. I'd have to find a way to duct tape his mouth or get some fancy earplugs or I'll submit from just hearing him prattle on and on and on! However, if I can withstand his eternal yammering, I think I'll have to fight fire with fire. I could take him down by fighting dirty. I mean, real dirty! I'd be more trouble than he would expect me to be for sure. Plus, how could I resist pulling on that ugly mop of a haircut he has going on these days!  All in all though, I think it'd be an interesting match :)

Keep the suggestions coming guys! More than happy to give you my opinions on these chumps :P

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  1. Well I have to throw in Pete Sharp! Very curious to hear more of your top 10. Good work Ben!