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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Feedback! Feedback!

Well it looks like the whole poll thing was a big failure because the Blogger poll widget never really kept tabs on people's votes! Grrr! Remind me to head-scissor any Blogger website-maintenance people I know...
Nevertheless, it seems from comments I received in other places and the few brief votes that showed up on the site before the poll collapse that a favorite emerged:
Yes, my match with Damien Rush is so far the fan-fave! Granted Austin Cooper came in a close second, it is true that my match with Damien was also my favorite so far! That body! That BODY! Grrr! On top of it, he has a drop-dead gorgeous smile and a great attitude on and off the mats. *Sigh* Memories! 
But rather than dwell on delicious memories of the past, I thought it would be time to look to the future! Since the poll feature seems to be a bust (for now at least), I figured I'd let you, dear readers, tell me which BG East stud should be my next opponent!
Leave your comments on this post, send me an e-mail ( if you're too shy to write it in public, tweet it to me (@BenMonacoBGE) or just shout it out to me if you're up in Montreal :P While you're at it, let me know what kind of match too!
On another note, it's my birthday on Friday! Yay! Thanks to all of you who have left me messages on sites like Globalfight! Always nice to get warm birthday wishes :) xxx

***NOTE: I will respond to any proposals of opponents in a future post :) ***


  1. Skip Vance or Reese wells!

  2. Lon Dumonti initiating you into the ring!

    Sorry that I missed your birthday. I've been living under a rock lately. I hope it rocked!

  3. Hey Bard! Yeah, my birthday was good :) Always could have been better with a bevy of wrestlers eager for matches :P