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Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hello again my dear readers! It's been a little bit since my last post, been busy with trying to find work as I'm entering month #3 of unemployment unfortunately. On the plus side, it's given me lots of time to work out. I'm now up at 190lbs for the first time in...ever really. Aiming to hit the 200lb mark hopefully in time for my birthday in May.

As my birthday approaches, I've been thinking about things that I would want this year. The one thing that comes to mind, naturally, is a good match with some sexy stud. As some of you may have seen in my last post or two, I've posted a poll on my Google+ profile asking who my next opponent should be. As it would happen, the winner of the poll has officially challenged me on my last post! Yes, I'm talking about the big and sexy Darius!

Darius is a big muscled guy as you can all plainly see. Big chest, ripped abs, big vascular biceps...all things that would intimidate a lesser man in any circumstance. However, Darius does seem to have an affinity for being, how should I put it...a big jobber! His win-loss record at BG East alone proves that point. Now I know you're thinking "But Ben, your win-loss record isn't all that stellar either!" True, I'll give you that, but most guys know that when they step on the mats or in the ring with me, they're in for some painful moves and holds. Don't believe me? Ask Austin Cooper who tapped in the first 2 minutes on the mats with me!

That being said, hopefully me and Darius should definitely hit the mats one day if only to settle who the bigger jobber is. What do you guys think? What kind of match would you just love to see between me and Darius? 

One last little thing...for those of you who want to contribute a little something for my birthday (i.e. have money to burn) I've put together a little Amazon Wishlist of things that would be fun to have. I'm not really expecting any of you to actually go and buy anything but if you want, it's there :P IF you do decide to get me something though, I'll be eternally grateful ;)


  1. Well Ben, I would gladly help celebrate your birthday by giving you the biggest beat down you ever had. Let's hope that BGEast can arrange that so everyone can see that you are the biggest jobber at BG. I will be more then ready for the match and as you know I keep this body in tip top condition at all time. Let the beat down begin. Darius

    1. We'll see who the biggest jobber is! Clearly it's you! I'm not going to give you your FIRST BG East victory :P