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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tag Me In!

Winter is well under way here in Montreal! It's only November and it's pretty chilly! Then again, it seems that all of North America is under the grip of yet another "arctic blast" which is becoming the new norm for us in the winter. With winter comes the cold, flu and other nasty bugs. I was recently ill with a pretty bad case of food poisoning myself (3 days in hospital, lots of nasty symptoms but it finally ended). On the plus side, here in Canada, all my doctors and hospital stay which would set my American friends into a very bad financial spot cost nothing here! Advantages of being in a country with public healthcare...

Being sick and having to deal with entire teams of doctors got me thinking about teams in general and specifically tag teams! Yes tag teams in wrestling are always a huge thing. Why simply watch 2 wrestlers go at it when you could be watching 4? Or 6! Or 8! Tag matches allow wrestling fans to see multiple different pairings of wrestlers within the same match. I've always seen it as multiple one-on-one micro-matches bundled up into one big match.

All this got me thinking about what kind of tag team I could be in one day. Who would make a great partner? Who would I want to take on? Naturally, some names came to mind...


An easy choice for me would be my sexy friend Damien Rush. This guy is a stud-supreme in my eyes. The moment we met and had our match at BG, there was an instant kind of chemistry and connection I felt right away. This guy is as muscled as he is sweet (on the outside of the ring at least) and would be a killer companion to take on other foes. He's definitely my number one choice on the list of guys I'd tag with any time!

Another very good choice would be my bud "The Mastodon" Morgan Cruise! Also a hairy stud, I could see us taking on some twinky tag team and showing them who's boss. Our combined power and skills would make most little jobber teams fall apart and be easy pickings for the 1-2-3 (with both of us flexing big double bicep poses over them).


I've also had a suggested partner from a fan that wasn't on my short list but also sounds like a fun and sexy guy: Darius. Though we've talked on many occasions about having a match, we still have yet to meet. I've recently read that he's got himself a tag partner though, another sexy stud named "Frank". Perhaps they'd make good opponents for me and Damien or Morgan :)

So what do you think my dear readers? Who would YOU see me as a tag team with? Could it even be you? Who would I match up against? Let me know here, on twitter or by e-mail! You never know, could make it a reality some day ;)


  1. Hi Ben: You heard right, I do have a muscled stud as a tag team partner and if you ever can find yourself a partner be it Damien or Morgan we would be glad to tag you on and defeat you both in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

    1. It's on stud! I'll find someone to kick your butts or I'll even beat you both by myself if I have to :P Next time I'm in Boston, you're BOTH going down :P