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Monday, 13 October 2014

Fall Fever!

It's been a busy few months my dear readers! I've had quite a busy schedule running around for work and play! Indeed, since my last post on my buddies' favorite drinks, the seasons have changed drastically here in Montreal. A fairly mild summer has given way to a much cooler fall. Regardless of the weather, there's been a lot going on in the world of Monaco...starting a little while back in the late summer.

Just after labor day, I made a little venture down to the states to visit the dastardly duo of Morgan Cruise and Damien Rush (why these sweethearts put up with my constant visits is nothing short of a miracle). After a few days of chilling with them and having lots of fun (and drinks), I made a quick stopover at BG HQ for a little match with...Chace Lachance! Now guys, let me tell you. He has quite the body. He's essentially an anatomy textbook of muscles that looks like any pose he takes is camera-worthy. As much as I'd like to tantalize you with details about the match, I'll keep my cards close to my chest for now. The only thing I'll say is that it took place in the infamous "wrestle shack" and that Kid Vicious thought the ending was very hot ;)

After my quick little Boston venture, I journeyed home for a few days so that I could...become an uncle! Yes, I am not an only child! My sister gave birth to my new niece! Both are well and super happy. Now I can officially make my opponents say "uncle" in a submission and make it actually mean something!

Nearly 24 hours after she was born, I was already bound for the west coast to return the visit of my friend Sean in San Francisco/Sacramento. You'll remember Sean from my post from last year when he came to see me in Montreal. He was a most gracious host and fun wrestling buddy on the west side of the continent. We rumbled often and sometimes invited others over for a little bit of round robin wrestling. Though unfortunately some of the matches lined up cancelled at the last minute, those that did show up had a great time! 

After that, it was back to my hometown and business as usual here. It's been a few weeks of catching up on things that were pushed aside by my travels and, needless to say, I couldn't forget about my readers! So hopefully this catches you up on why the blog was somewhat silent of late. Rest assured, I have some more posts to make in the near future so keep an eye out for the next one which should be up shortly ;)

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