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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Time Travel

Holy shit! Is it AUGUST??? Where the hell has my summer gone? A very belated hello my dear readers. It has been a while! Good lord I've been busy. All summer I kept thinking "I need to post a new entry" and every time I came close, I was reminded I have less than zero minutes free in which to do so. Let it be known to any of you who are contemplating working full-time and taking a summer course in university at the same's a bad idea. It will eat your life :P

So yeah, it's been a very busy period for me. This summer has been hectic but I have managed  to squeeze in some matches here and there in the few breaks I have had. Recently though, I started to receive a flurry of messages about a new match I had up on BG East and thought it was worth a look. Lo and behold, my match with Morgan Cruise was finally out! I do say "finally" because, if you are a devout consumer of my blog posts, you know Morgan and I have known each other for a fairly long time...about 5 years in fact. That match was filmed when we first met so I'll let you do the math about how long ti's been since that one was taped. Spoiler alert: it's been a while.

Lucky for me, despite the beat-down suffered in that match, I did end up meeting a pretty cool friend in Morgan. In fact, when we chatted a few months ago on Skype and I told him I was still single, he told me that it's best that "his Ben" takes the time to find the right guy :) I know I've said it before, but despite his ring-persona, Morgan is actually a real sweetie-pie. I know, I know, "But he's so mean in the ring? How can that be?" Trust me, he's a big puppy.

Speaking of friends, I managed to meet up for a quick workout the other day with another local bad-boy, Fabrice. After we got a good pump on, he revealed to me that he had been making his own flexing and fitness videos on YouTube. I figured I'd give him a shout out here on the blog so that some of you who are more twink-inclined can watch him do his thing. He does have some very nice abs...You can find his channel here for your viewing pleasure.

On that note, I...have to go back to studying. Final exam coming up. Let me know what you think of the new match with Morgan Cruise in the comments below, private messages, wherever works :) Write again soon, I promise!


  1. Good to see you back again. Love the pic of you in the backbreaker over Cruise's leg, displays your bulge beautifully! :)