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Friday, 23 September 2016


Hello again my dear readers (I know a certain reader who will mock me for my usual opening :P)! It's been a busy end to my summer. Between interning and working part time, I had very little free time at all. The summer in the city was great, nice and warm and full of very hot guys strutting around in nearly nothing. But all good things must come to an end as my fall session in university started up again. Now the only hot guys are the ones who go to my university....oh right, that's A LOT of them. I swear, they're all pumped up jocks and I do a double take at least twice a day. But yeah, I really should focus more on my's just...biceps....mmmmmm.....:P

Learning that MuscleLuke can kick ass
Despite all that work and business, the summer was not without a few mini breaks and surprises. As a reward for a long summer of work, my mother surprised me with airfare paid to the Windy City of Chicago (side note, I really do have a stellar mom)! So on board a little propeller-plane I swept into a new city I had never been to before. Naturally, on any first trip to a new place, I do like to do all the touristy stuff.  I must say, Chicago is one of the best kept secret on the continent. You always hear people brag about New York and San Francisco but Chicago is rarely spoken of. It's really a treasure-trove of beautiful architecture and hot guys.

In MuscleLuke's clutches
Of course, I had to get myself a little bit of mat action while in the city. I didn't want to overload my schedule with matches on my first trip, especially with so much to do and see. So I honed in on a very hot and studly guy who goes by MuscleLuke on the wrestling sites. Believe me, he was a wonderful guide and guy to hang out with. Despite being a self-described jobber, he is more than capable of kicking ass, especially with those big quads of his! I learned the hard way that he was more than capable of taking this BG boy and making him his bitch. I will be honest and say he clobbered me twice in two days. He definitely knows his holds and had me tapping out many times. Of course, if you know me well, I clearly was not complaining! His legs really were so big and muscled that he could keep me locked up in scissors all day long and I would not mind at all. Even his camel clutch was pretty damn good and he knew how to crank it. It's a shame we're not closer or I'd have him over for many rematches...even if it means I get squashed by this handsome "jobber" a few more times :-)

Chicago will definitely be worth a trip back in the future. Sadly, with the exchange rate being what it is at the moment, I won't be able to afford to head back in the next little while. But who knows, perhaps I'll have the opportunity in the coming year.In the meantime, feel free to read up on MuscleLuke's take on our match on his blog and see some more pictures.

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