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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Taking a break from my chronology of my wrestling career thus far, I figured I'd share some personal behind-the-scenes info with you, my dear readers...
On camera at BG East, we wrestlers are all trash talk and attitude of course. However, off camera, we all get along really well! Most of the guys I've encountered are actually really sweet and incredible. We all come from different backgrounds, countries and upbringings.
Take for instance my latest match released on BG East with the stud-muffin Alain Leclair.  Big, beefy, strong...I ended up eating a lot of bicep in the end! Off the mats however, most people don't know Alain is personal trainer! In fact, I was the one who recruited him for BG East in the first place.
Before my first adventures down in the states with BG East, I wanted to hit the gym particularly hard to tone up for the shoot. It just so happened that I had an appointment with Alain at the gym for a new training routine shortly after finding out I was going south.
When I met up with him, I decided to be 100% honest about what I was going to do down in Florida and decided to tell him about BG and everything. Rather than get a shocked reaction, he seemed more curious and intrigued than anything else. In the following days we talked about it some more. Eventually, he asked if I thought BG would consider him for a shoot. I told him I'd take a few pics of him and bring them along.
Needless to say that one look at his beefy arms and beefy...everything else was enough for KL and KV to agree that he'd make a suitable candidate for filming! When I returned to Montreal, I told him about their interest and he was thrilled.
Before we went down to film our match, I ended up spending a few weeks training Alain in a lot of the basic moves he would need on the mat. He hadn't actually wrestled all that much in his life. I had to sacrifice (sacrifice! yeah right!) several nights of having him come over, strip down and wrestle around with me. I also made him watch some of my personal favorite matches from BG East so he could get an idea about their style. He was actually a very quick learner!
All this to say that he and I are friends like most of us are at BG East. So even if we're grunting and groaning on camera about how much we hate each other, lots of us are BFFs ;)


  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. "He asked if I thought BG would consider him for a shoot." Good God, a gorgeous beast of a man like that who also possesses humility?! There's no way BGE fans weren't going to go wild for him, and you forced to suck his biceps!