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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Becoming Ben Monaco (Part 1)

Hello blogging world! Ben Monaco here making my much anticipated blogging debut :) I'll use this blog to chat about my life, matches, plans and projects as well as answer questions any fans might have about me or wrestling for BG East.

Often times I'm asked about how I got my start in wrestling. How exactly did I become Ben Monaco of BG East? The answer is...long and complicated, but I'll do my best.

It all really began on August 28th, 2011. This new phase of my life began amidst the chaotic winds and torrential rainfalls of Hurricane Irene. I guess at this point, it was more of a tropical storm, but whatever, semantics…yadda yadda. Hurricane Irene just sounds cooler than Tropical Storm Irene, especially given the fact that I was in Quebec City. The thought of juxtaposing the words “Tropical” and “Quebec” just seems so wrong. But I digress. Let’s just say it was rainy and windy. Upon my arrival at Hotel Pur in the provincial capital, I logged onto Grindr as had become customary for me to do so on my travels abroad.

Catching my eye that evening was a stout little gentleman. He was a little bodybuilder-type guy, 5’6”, 190lbs, a real little muscle-tank of a man. In fact, for the sake of anonimity, let's call him Tank from now on. We had chatted once or twice before on Grindr without ever having had the chance to meet up. I was, after all, only ever in Quebec City for the night because of work, and often those nights were very short and barely restful. That night was an especially short one as I had come in around 9:00pm and had to wake up again for work around 3:30am. Not exactly what you would call a restful night. Nevertheless, rather than sleep I found myself tossing and turning in my hotel room almost as violently as the winds were blowing outside my window.

Tank and I began to chat once again when suddenly, despite the dreary weather; I decided to see if I could tempt him out for a drink or something. Needless to say he had some reservations about going out in the tempest even if it was to meet another handsome young gentleman (albeit not a modest one). After a few suggestive comments on my part, he finally gave in to his curiosity and decided to pick me up at my hotel for a late-night coffee.

It’s not that I’m usually suspicious of men I meet online, but something told me at the time that either this was going to be a great meeting or an absolute mistake. After all, what would happen if he turned out to be either a fake profile or a complete psycho? He was picking me up at the hotel and so I would be at his mercy for transportation. Still…my own curiosity was too great to keep me confined in the walls of my hotel room. Within a half-hour, I was ready to go and Tank was texting me to let me know he had arrived downstairs.

He turned out to be just as his picture had revealed, a very short and stocky looking guy with a chest like a barrel and limbs like tree-trunks. He had a certain charm about him that I found to be intriguing but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. We settled into the nearest Tim Horton’s and sipped on our coffees discussing the mindless little details that make up who we are. I learned that he had already completed a few university degrees and was working on his new Bachelor’s in geophysics. One detail stood out from his history: he had once been a professional wrestler as a hobby. Given my attraction to wrestling, this naturally amplified his attractiveness factor tenfold in my mind.

After a good time sitting there sheltered from the elements, he proposed that we should take a ride back to his place and hop in the heated, sheltered hot-tub in his yard. Again, something told me either this was going to be a smart decision or a huge mistake. I had to work in the morning after all and needed to think about how that was going to work out. After some debate and deliberation, I decided that I could go for a dip in the tub and potentially stay up all night until the morning. I had only a short trip to do to get home in the morning so it wouldn’t bee too harsh on my system to stay up for the rest of the night. We took two more coffees to go and headed into his car.

It seemed like a very long ride, almost eternal. Then again, it’s always that way when you embark on a new journey for the first time. The walk down a long beach always seems longer as your brain absorbs new sights and sounds, and then seems shorter as you retrace your steps. The highway was being blasted by wind and rain as we sped along towards the promise of warmer waters. Some areas were dark as the power-lines had been damaged in some areas. I kept thinking to myself “this guy could be taking me anywhere, he could kill me and throw me out of his car” and yet, something made me trust him.

We arrived at his place just as the wind was picking up. After a brief tour of his place, he offered to find me some swimwear. He warned me that as a bodybuilder, the swimwear was likely to be a posing-thong or something to that effect. As he scoured his laundry room to find one, I browsed through his movie collection. The man had quite an extensive array of films, all kinds of genres and styles. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted on series of films that caught my attention…

Among the titles present, between The Simpsons TV series DVDs and the horror flicks that lined his shelves, I spotted a small helping of BG East DVDs. Yes, BG East. Suddenly, it all made a lot of sense. The instant kinship I sensed with him stemmed from our mutual attraction to wrestling as a form of erotica. It was unspoken all this time, but there was an intense desire to forego the niceties of “normal” sexual relationships and delve into a grittier milieu. We both wanted to wrestle each other.

I kept quiet for a little while, slipped into my little thong and hoped in the tub with my host. His physique really was impressive. Large, muscular mounds bursting forth from a wide frame seemed exceptionally stunning in the dim-lights of the spa. Between our chatting and groping in the warm waters, I mentioned that I had seen his collection of BG East videos up in the living room. For the first time in my life, I came clean about my own fascination with wrestling to someone else. After a short discussion about our favourite wrestlers, our favourite videos and matches, he proposed going back into the house and showing me some moves that he knew from his wrestling days. What ensued was a sweaty bout of passion and intensity the likes of which I had rarely experienced in the past.

We couldn’t help it anymore; we were wrestling on his bed in the middle of one of the worst storms the province had seen in a while. I let my body experiment and discover all the moves I had so often seen in videos online and on TV. We fought late into the wee hours of the night until our more carnal desires took hold and we exploded into a mutual submission imposed by our hormones. I had finally fulfilled a fantasy that had been years, even decades in the making.

For the first time, I tasted a new fruit that had always been forbidden. And the thing is...I wanted more!

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  1. VERY nice writing, 'BEN'! I know Montreal well. I grew up in Chateauguay, but I've been living in Ontario for the last 25 years. It's nice to find a fellow Canuck having left his mark on BG East's black mats. (I swear...if only those mats could TALK!) ;D